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We’ve also added this blog! Keep checking back here for info about game updates, new releases and art from your favorite titles!


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Fans, you may have noticed that our Facebook is asking a lot of questions recently:


Jump in and help everyone solve the puzzles! We love brainteasers and hope you do too, fans–take a look at our Facebook and see if you can guess the answers! :D

Weekend Play List!

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Happy Friday, fans!

Are you bored this weekend? No plans? Maybe the weather is horrible (rain!) or you’re sick (spring flu!) or you just need some time at home to recharge in your pjs (no judgement here!). Check out the Game Circus weekend playlist: a trio of games that work particularly well together, and will give you a few things to do while you’re waiting for your take-out or when Netflix disappoints.

This Weekend’s Playlist is Prize Claw themed! Grab yourself a comfy seat and see if you can collect all the prizes in a line!

First up, check out Prize Claw! The original claw game, available on Android, Amazon and iTunes! With cute prizes, awesome powers and two lovely, colorful machines!

Which Machine?!

For a palate cleanser, try Paplinko! It’s as different from PC as can be, but with the same cute prizes and customization–try the ladybug ball and the jungle background, or the original Paplinko ball with a galactic twist!


Finally, try our latest: Prize Claw 2! With super awesome machines, a ton of prizes and new powers, you can’t  miss our new favorite grabbing game. Check it out in iTunes, Amazon and Google Play!


New Coin Machine!

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Take a look at the latest addition to our SMASH HIT Coin Dozer, fans! Coming soon to a game near you! With adorable new prizes and graphics, you’re sure to be hooked! :D

This Week’s Chart toppers!

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Game Circus is proud to be on the top of the Google Play charts again! Take a look here: our latest and greatest, Prize Claw 2, is on the top free charts!

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.39.50 PM

Long time fave Paplinko is also hot this week!

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.39.19 PM

You can get both on the Google play store, right here:

Number One New Game!

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Hey there fans!

Game Circus recently released Prize Claw 2, the latest addition to our line up! It’s already reached number one on Google Play’s New Games charts, and is climbing the overall charts as well! If you’ve not had a chance to try it, check it out here!

Google Play:



Prize Claw 2 Released

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pc2Game Circus is proud to present our brand new game—Prize Claw 2! With all the awesome grabbing action of its predecessor with all-new gorgeous art, PC2 is sure to find a home on your phone! Test your good luck with the prize wheel, grab bonuses and see how many prizes you can collect!


We’re really excited about this game, fans, and we hope you will be too! Check out some of the art below to see the new prizes, and click the link to download Prize Claw 2! Check back here for more updates about the game!

Google Play


App Store (Universal)

Chili Cook Off!!!

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Chili ContestHey fans, check out these pics from our recent Game Circus Chili Cook Off! Our programmers, producers, QA and artists squared off in a battle of the bowls, with Alan ultimately wresting the trophy from previous victor, Nick. It was a close battle, with the top two chilies separated by one point!