Welcome to our new website, fans! We’ve added some oft-requested features: check out our NEW support tab, which features information based on all our different games. You can still email us if our new FAQ doesn’t answer your questions, but we hope that gives you a bit more insight into everyone’s favorite GC titles!

We’ve also added this blog! Keep checking back here for info about game updates, new releases and art from your favorite titles!


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Guess who hit lucky number 7 on the Top Free Games charts, fans! That’s right, Prize Claw 2! Congrats, fans–thanks for helping us make the list!

In other news, Coin Dozer Pirates is now out for Amazon and Android devices! Download it here:



Can you collect the most treasure of anyone on the seven seas? FIND OUT TODAY!





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Hello, fans! You may have noticed a new addition to the Game Circus family on our Google Play store–Coin Dozer Pirates! There’ll be more imagines later, and it’s coming soon for iOS devices, but for now, take a look at the exact moment that the game went out the doors!





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Check out our Facebook!

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Hi fans, and happy weekend! We want to remind you that if you ever need MORE GAME CIRCUS, you can check out our main Facebook page, right here!

Game Circus Facebook!

You get awesome Paplinko puzzles and Coin Dozer art too–in addition to the latest information about updates! Everyone take a look!


Prize Claw 2 Update!

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Hi fans! We’ve got some big news for Android Prize Claw 2 players: a new update is out! Take a look here. This update should fix many of the bugs you all have been experiencing, and if it doesn’t, please send us an email to!

For you iOS players, the update should be coming out on the iTunes store in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks for playing everyone, and once again, please email any issues to



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Hello, fans, and happy Friday!

We just wanted to remind you all of the lovely support page our website has! If you click on the support tab on top of the web page, it will take you here. Right now, we have dedicated support pages for certain games, but you can email us about any questions you have a problems you encounter!

Let us know if you have any suggestions about what to add to the page–we’re always looking to improve our support!

Game Updates!

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Hello, fans!

We’ve gotten some questions about game updates lately–we just wanted to remind you of our Facebook and Twitter pages! We will be announcing major updates and new content there, so don’t forget to check!

On our Facebook, we also post puzzles and fun brainteasers! Check out our weekend posts for some Game Circus themed fun!



GC Celebrates!

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Here are so additional pics from the party, fans! This is the group behind your favorite games, from Coin Dozer to Prize Claw 2! Congrats to all the winners of the games, and thanks to everyone for participating!

photo 1

Board Games!

photo 2


Party Time at GC!

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It’s party time at Game Circus! Pizza and board games, anyone?


NEW Casino Machine!

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Happy Friday, fans!

We’d previously teased a new machine for Coin Dozer–the Casino machine! We’re happy to announce that the Casino machine is now live on Google Play! If you’ve got Coin Dozer on your phone, all you need to do is download the update. If not…well, what are you waiting for!? Click HERE!



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Good news, Coin Dozer fans! If you’ve got an iPhone, get it out and download the update–we’ve got a new puzzle for you to finish! Check it out here and let us know what you think!