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Drop in some fun with PAPLINKO!

In PAPLINKO, the goal is to bounce balls into cups, collecting coins and prizes as you go along! It’s not all just about collecting prizes though- bouncing off the pegs earns points and careful play will rack up your high score!

How To Play

Tap Anywhere in the Drop zone to release a ball.

You can also aim a ball by dragging it.

You can drop up to four balls at once.

Land a ball in a hole to collect the item inside and earn experience points (XP)

Gather experience points to gain levels and earn level up rewards.


Hitting a peg for the final time earns double the points

A ball earns points each time it hits a peg.

Build your multiplier to earn more points from each peg.

You collect a ball’s score when it lands in a non-slime hole

Landing a ball in green slime cuts your score in half

Landing a ball in purple slime resets your multiplier score to 1.00.


Paplinko Balls – Collect these to get more chances to collect stuff!

Random Effects – You never know what this will give you! It’s RANDOM!

Coins – You can’t buy things without coins, and we all love things!

Prizes – Trade these in for bonuses. Bonuses are always great!

Puzzle Piece – Find out what Plink’s been up to by completing puzzles!

Rare Prize – You’ll know it’s Rare, because it says it right there on the prize!


Paplinko Balls are what you collect to play the game

Coins are used to trade for new items in the shop

You can see the number of coins needed to trade for an item

Paplinko Bucks are mission rewards used to trade for special items and score locks in the shop.

You can see the number of paplinko bucks needed to trade for an item.

Special Pegs

Hit this peg and it explodes pegs around it! You’ll get points for every peg hit!

Don’t bother trying to destroy these pegs, cause you can’t, they’re invincible!

This peg attracts your balls, making them move in all sorts of wacky ways!

Need some coins? Hit this peg!

This peg is so sharp it’ll split your ball in two.

Want to see your multiplier go up? Hit this peg!

Captures a ball and holds it, when tapped it will refire the ball in a new direction

If you need points, this peg will be your best friend.

This peg gives your ball slime repellant, which is good news for you and your ball

Instead of bouncing off, balls will pass through this peg to the other matching peg!


You can trade coins for more paplinko balls if you run out.

You can also trade coins for new ball characters.

Trading for new backboards will change the scenery.

Spend Paplinko Bucks on game powers.

You can buy more Paplinko Balls at any time.


When your ball lands on a prize that prize is added to your inventory.

Some prizes are rare and will appear less often.

Check out your prizes with this button in the pulldown menu.

You can trade in individual prizes for coins.

If you have one of each prize in a set, you can trade it in for a special bonus.


Online – earn a ball every 60 seconds while playing.

Offline – Earn a ball every 15 minutes while not playing.

Daily bonus – Each consecutive day you play will earn you additional bonus.

Prize Trades

Extra amounts of special pegs spawn on the board for a short time.

The base point value for each peg is increased for a time.


Balls are blocked from landing in the slime.

Your multiplier is given an instant bonus.

A burst of extra balls drop on their own.

Collects every item on the board and destroys any slimes.

An instant boost of bonus XP.


Collect puzzle pieces to reveal stories and unlock backgrounds, characters, and sets of prizes.

Select a new puzzle or check out your puzzle progress with this button.

Use the view current button to see the puzzle in that story.

Puzzles can be completed multiple times by pressing the reset button.

Resetting a puzzle also gives a chance at a new reward.


Tired of waiting for a prize? Try this power to spawn a prize.

That thing we said about the prize above? Same thing here, but this spawns puzzle pieces!

This one spawns a random box effect.

Think of this as Slime Insurance for your score! This prevents slimes from knocking your score below a minimum amount.

For extra coverage, use this power to protect your multiplier! It prevents slimes from knocking your multiplier below a minimum amount.


The mission screen tracks progress on your current mission.

You can also view the number of missions you have already finished.

Complete missions to earn Paplinko Bucks.

Every 10 completed missions will earn you 1 Paplinko Buck.

You may choose to skip one mission out of every 5.

Tips and Tricks

Use the options menu to change settings.

Get more balls by trading with coins or by collecting Paplinko Ball rewards.

You earn a bonus for every consecutive day you play.

A high multiplier is key to earning a high score.

Gather achievement points by completing challenges.

A game FAQ will be here soon.

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